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Greatings, i started a new DH Playthrough, this time with National China.

After i united China and defended against Japan i used my good intelligence Sevice to steal BP's all over the World and to declare War to British India.

Meanwhile i raised relations with Japan with the Intention to ally with them.
The Idea was...during the 19. century China and Japan both had Factions that favored a Asian Cooperation to drive the "Gaijin" out of (expanded) Asia. It never cam to a cooperation because the Qing failed to realised their weak position and later Japan believed it was smarter to take advantage of the chinese weakness.

At 200 relations and with supporting ministers i could not ally them so they seem to be hardcoded not to ally with China.
I used the console to ally them but it seems i have broken Japan with that^^.

While they use their Fleets&Airforce in usefull ways( i have only some transports) they dont produce Units at all and don't do any offensive actions.
Edit: On Top of that USA now behave as if Japan had won against China...

Any Idea how to deal with this without breaking the game any further?
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