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I completed the campaign a month or two ago (on a prior version). I just uninstalled and reinstalled and started a new campaign. However all my old progress still shows on the campaign screen. And once I get past the tutorial and the mining scenario, I can do any scenario. Also, the fate trader has too much stuff for sale.

So, how do you start over?
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I just heard back from our friends at and they had the answer to this question. It will clear all your progress if you go in and delete the folder located at:

[Hard Drive]:\Users\[user name]\Documents\HardWest\[String of numbers representing your Steam profile]

Note that since we are not using the Steam version, the folder is named with some other number. In my case (maybe everyone's case, for all I know) the folder to delete was named "0".

I can confirm that this works like a charm. I wish the uninstall would do this for you, though!