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Hello everyone,

I'm almmost thorugh the As Good As Dead-Scenario, but when I try to start the assault on the Masked Man, after the equipment screen I just get a black screen with only the Esc-Button in the upper right corner visible. I've aready tried running Windows 8-compatibility mode and turning all graphics options to the lowest level.

Any tips are appreciated.

EDIT: Verifying and repairing the game files didn't help either.
EDIT: I also experience the slowdonw in the game after it has been running awhile, even though it is using the dedicated GPU..
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SOLVED (or rather WORKAROUND): I found a tip to try and play through the scenario in one sitting (no exiting, saving, whatever), and it worked out. Not very convenient, but I'm glad I could finish the scenario.

Also, activating VSYNC seemed to alleviate the slowdown somewhat.

EDIT: Now, achievements seem to be damaged. I didn't get the achievement for completiing AGaD or A Matter of Time (which I played afterwards). At this point, I don't care much about achievements, fortunately, and am just happy to be able to continue the game, cause apart from the quirks, bugs and sparing support on the forums, I like it quite a lot. X-D
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