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I saw this video:
It clearly shows, that the Redux version does look worse, than the original.

I immediately downloaded the original version I own on steam to see the difference, and it is clearly there.
If this happens to be a bug, please fix this. But if this is intended, then i call bs. The description says "Enhanced Graphics", yet they are the opposite.

Please gog-staff (and devs), clarify this asap.
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Yeah, also visible here:
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Long story short, it looks about the same but there's really not much point technology-wise why this had to be backported to PC. While the new engine DOES have great new features, the levels don't use any of it and the new engine can't really really apply any of the new features because it can't heads or tails of the data ... it basically spawns a giant mesh inside an engine that is now room-based. The new renderer likewise is much more portable and greatly improved, but it can't apply any of its new features to the old data.

In summary: if you like the original and aren't desperate for the sword you might as well stick to the original. gives you a lot of information on how the engine has improved and also why Redux doesn't benefit.
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The whole story is nonsensical drama, and the candyland vidoe pretty incompetent.

1) AO is actually better than before, because it's dynamicall calculated. Looks different, but it is still there. Actually better since it now affects movable objects like weapons and debris.

2) Textures are the same. Candy is comparing 4xSSA gameplay with FXAA. Of course the former looks better. Ingame SSAA option is missing tho, so you gotta use upscaling like DSR (nvidia).

3) Light refraction looks better than before. Game is to bright tho, so a lot of detail and contrast that is still there goes missing; i'd recommend lowering the gamma a bit and it looks a lot better.

4) The level which is missing almost all the lighting (although it stil has bloom) is bugged. That is btw not the campaign, but the survival map.

5) However, I did note some particles missing on the gorilla bots.

Devs said they are looking into the two later things. In conclusion, games looks slightly better. Downgrade nonsense is nonsense. More people getting triggered by the bare thought of a downgrade. Framerate has doubled tho.

I personally like it for the gameplay improvements, it's a bit faster now and you get a dash move. Although people on steam forums even try to call that a 'scam' and 'consolized', which doesn't make any sense...
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This whole downgrade thing is nonsense. It looks like the game has just been released partially broken like every other games released in the last few years and has yet again caused the PC Whiners/Youtube tards' pink panties to end up in a twist.

With all the drama every game release gets now, game devs should just start making soap operas for PC gamers.
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Well I tried to run botch games and I have a hard time to see any big differences with the game look.
both versions was run with graphic settings maxed out.

The old game feels a little bit more scary to me but that is probably because the enemies feels a bit more aggressive.
It is like the old game is more chaotic to the feel, but I like the combat in the new one better.

Unfortunately for me I am left-handed, And if movement keys is changed/set to using the arrow keys. You can not move when going near a upgrade terminal. For me this is a show stopper bug.

Because the difference seems to be minimal I uninstalled after reaching the first upgrade terminal and getting stuck because the arrow keys did not not work any longer (and kept replaying my original version).
(Rebinding keys to the numpad keys or using AutoHotkey wold have worked around this)

With a bug so easily discovered there is likely other bugs - so i guess that old version probably work better.

One short play test with a left handed player wold have exposed that bug (20 min max).
If done that bug wold have been gone by now. therefore I think that there is likely more bugs in the game.

So I prefer using old version...
for now....

But I think the new one is likely better balanced in the battles...
so ½ a year from now when the game is at GOG release 22 or whatnot the redux is likely better.
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ive played the original to completion and ive chugging though this slower and at a higher difficulty.. It's far and away better, the rapid progressing of difficulty that existed is nearly gone now. Only big complaint is the textures, they look so much worse, but the "drop the gamma" trick worked well and helped that.

also using your nvidia drivers and building a custom upscale profile made me feel like i was playing the original, just faster with a higher FPS
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It's not a clearcut downgrade. Yes, some things are worse, like the lighting, but they also added new effects and assets in the levels. The flatter lighting is the real issue imo. But it's also been insanely optimized with shorter loading times.
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I did notice a downgrade in visuals. Just an overall "blah" in the visuals now and, yes, the particles aren't as impressive now.
Lowering the gamma helped a bit with the blahs, but there seems to be something missing. Maybe it's the barely detectable AO they implemented, lol.

However, it does run a lot better now, so potatoes might be able to get it going.

It's easy as pie now, though (might as well play on Insane right off the bat, this time around).
The dash move is ripped straight out of Shadow Warrior, grunt sound and all, and I think this move contributes to the ease of difficulty. The rest is attributed to the nerfed enemies.

I don't know. It is what it is, and the discount at least made the whole thing worth it.
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