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It seems that the GOG Downloader recognizes only the installer instead of the EXE + BIN files.
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Did you try manual download or via Galaxy?
Ingsoc85: Did you try manual download or via Galaxy?
Well i did the manual download after that. I am just mentioning this for the sake of GOG Downloader users.
I have downloaded it just fine with the GOG downloader yesterday. Maybe the problem is only happening today.
GOG-downloader worked nicely for me 2.
Donloaded this morning - around 8 a clock GMT
The downloader do handle all files as one instance.
So on the downloader listing page (looks like):

Hard Reset Redux - Windows - installer:
Windows installer, English

pressing "Windows installer, English" do result in all install files being downloaded one after an other.
I got them in the following order (Downloaded at my work on a 50 Mbit conection that is why timing is so close):

setup_hard_reset_redux_2.0.0.2.exe 6-jun-2016 9:11
setup_hard_reset_redux_2.0.0.2-1.bin 6-jun-2016 9:23
setup_hard_reset_redux_2.0.0.2-2.bin 6-jun-2016 9:27
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