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The second Hand of Fate is bound to be released on november 7, yet i saw no announcement or entry in "upcoming" tab for it on GOG at all...

Is the game not planned to be released here at all, or maybe later though not at same time as steam release ?

This question / problem has been solved by dr.schliemannimage
It should come here a little later, as you can read here.
It has already arrived:
well, sorry for my message, as we were already 48h from the Hand of Fate 2 release, and i couldnt see anything in news, preorder announcement, or upcoming tab or whatever...

so i was getting worried

PS: though, doesnt mean the 1st Hand of Fate shouldnt receive any due updates on par with Steam version anymore just because of HoF2 release, i hope
Mu-ha-ha, 1.5 more expensive than in Steam.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$