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Changelog for update 1.2.6 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-14 (Mac) (added 06.08.2015):

- OS X: added work-around to avoid system prompt insisting to install Java 6 runtime from Apple.
- Editor: fixed crash when loading maps which contain enemies with no AI type assigned.
- Fixed crash on startup when no internet connection is available.
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Changelog for update 1.2.7 / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-15 (Mac) / GOG-9 (Linux) (added 24.09.2015):

- Fixed bug which allowed transfer of special attacks to other units.
- Fixed bug causing Josh to miss mission briefing in homebase 6.
- Fixed bug causing stuck game progress when player decides to cancel the mission after eating a certain cake.
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Changelog for update 1.2.8 (01 December 2016):
- Updated the native launcher application.
- Improved overall stability on OS X and Windows.
- Fixed fullscreen graphics issues on Windows systems with high DPI settings.
- Editor/modding tools: fixed various crashes caused by modified asset files.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.10 (added 08 January 2018):

⦁ This is a small update which aims to fix a crash which happened after certain UI interactions.
Halfway Version 1.2.11 please

This update fixes an issue with letters in dialogs not rendered correctly in combination with some Windows OS language settings.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.12 (added 24 May 2018):

- This patch updates the native launcher - the small executable we use to boot into the bundled Java runtime - to improve compatibility with some Windows 10 systems. It also removes 32-bit support from the launcher of the Mac OS version.
- In addition, we disabled the option to submit crash logs via HTTP request from within the crash report dialog.
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Changelog for Patch 1.2.13 (added 23 October 2018)

- This patch adds a new toggle, "Enable auto-scroll on user actions", to the controls options menu. If turned off, the game camera stops scrolling on player actions such as selecting or moving team members, or attacking enemy units.

Changelog for Patch 1.2.14 (added 17 June 2019)

- This patch adds bitmap fonts and tutorial images to the list of files which can be replaced/overridden by game mods.

This is first utilized for Halfway简体中文汉化MOD by Steam user Karnie, which translates the game to Simplified Chinese.
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