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It seems like a great game so far.
De4thstroke: It seems like a great game so far.
Good question. I remember buying this in an store when it can out. The had to get the expansion from ebay because it doen't come out in the US. Was sad there wasn't a sequel.
Graphic are really beautiful! If i dont know i woud say this game is haveing 2018 Graf. Developers did an asome job! Sound are simply just epic as well. I have played countless hours with this game. Some times i just paused the in game time and just lisenes the music and wacth the galaxy.
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I'd suggest there were two factors for this game not enjoying the popularity of its predecessors (the Imperium Galactica series).

The first is that Digital Reality lost the Imperium Galactica trademark and another developer, Mithis, started work on Imperium Galactica 3 (which was then renamed Nexus, the Jupiter Incident). So Haegemonia lost that connection to a previously successful series.

The second is that Haegemonia was published by Dreamcatcher Interactive (in North America) and Wanadoo (in Europe) rather than GT Interactive (who had handled the two Imperium Galactica titles). There seemed to be far less publicity or advertising compared to IG/IG2, suggesting a lack of resources - and the incomplete nature of the Solon Heritage expansion seems to bear this out.

It is a great pity since further development could have made this a epic series - as it stands Legions of Iron is great and the Solon Heritage a missed opportunity.