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Can anyone help me with either finding a trainer that grants money/research points or help me find the target value for money and research points with cheat engine?

Iv failed at finding a working trainer, and cheat engine cant find the location for research points, money works SOMEtimes, but there is no defo chance of finding it, research points matter more to me tho, i just love playing the game with total freedom.

Hope to get help soon :)
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Try this one -
That sadly, (like cheathappens trainer) is for V1.05, the game is V1.09, and there is no newer trainers anywhere that i can find.
You can edit everything by cheat engine (while in game) by searching for the FLOAT value ie. money / R&D points works everytime, or you edit the Level information useing the modding tools - just "HExplorer" to edit than "BinConverter" to pack the files.