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Changelog for Patch 4.0543 / GOG-9 (Windows) (added 13 October 2016):

- Added support for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese

Current, and all previous updates can be found here (complete changelog).
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Changelog for Patch 4.0547 / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Linux) / GOG-13 (Mac) (added 14 October 2016):

- Added support for Chinese (Simplified) and Japanese for all three platforms
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Changelog for Patch 5.023 / GOG-10929 (Windows) / GOG-10931 (Mac) / GOG-7 (Linux) (added 31 March 2017):

- Hacknet - Labyrinths DLC compatibility update.

How to find the Labyrinths DLC content

Hacknet - Labyrinths takes place before the end of the base game. You can access it from two points within Hacknet - as a mission from Entropy after you've completed a few contracts there, or from CSEC. You can also access it from CSEC if you have a save file that's completed the game, or if up to that stage of the game already.
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ggzx12: Hacknet - Labyrinths takes place before the end of the base game. You can access it from two points within Hacknet - as a mission from Entropy after you've completed a few contracts there, or from CSEC. You can also access it from CSEC if you have a save file that's completed the game, or if up to that stage of the game already.
I have a save file that completed the game, but I cannot seem to find a way to start Labyrinths. CSEC has no missions available.
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Changelog for Patch 5.034 (added 04 April 2017):

- MemForensics will display more helpful error messages when the player typos the filename.
- Fixed some issues with the VMBootloaderTrap.dll sequence, but I'm still working on this!
- Fixed issues with the Russian translation of some commands in that section.
- Fixed a bug where launching KaguyaTrials.exe after completing it would change the music.
- Fixed an issue where the "listen" account on Lihotas didn't have file deletion permissions.
- Fixed glyphs rendering too close together for CJK versions of the CoelTrain sequence
- Fixed readability of Chinese VMBootloaderTrap.dll repair guide.
- Fixed various other small problems and quality of life issues.
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Changelog for Patch 5.060 - Extensions Update (added 02 June 2017):

- Create your own campaigns, system networks, nodes, themes, music and story missions using the Hacknet Extensions mod tools.

Using Extensions with DRM Free Hacknet:
You'll need a copy of the Extension you want to install. It should be an entire folder (probably zipped or something). Unzip it, and copy the entire Extension folder into the /Extensions folder next to Hacknet.exe.
Make sure the folder you have unzipped contains ExtensionInfo.xml and that it's not nested too deep!
Now you should be able to see it from the Extensions menu!
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Changelog for Patch 5.068 / GOG-12568 (Windows) / GOG-12587 (Mac) / GOG-10 (Linux) (added 09 june 2017):

- Turkish translation!
- Thank you to Serhat Çavunt for the excellent work on this!
- FastActionHost daemon:
- An optimized Action host daemon - this daemon does nothing except host delayable actions - but it is much more efficient at doing that than other servers.
- If you have lots of actions looping or in delay at once (more than 50, say) it might be worth moving them to be delay hosted on one of these instead if you encounter performance issues.
- Custom ISP Servers are now supported, but adding a computer with the ID "ispComp"
- HackerScripts now support delete * commands to delete everything in a folder:
- Added a scroll functionality to the Extensions list for people with more than a page of Extensions installed.
- Added support for the * wildcard in the scp command to download all files in a folder.
- Usage: scp *
- Added better error reporting, recovery and automated tests for common extension errors.
- Added HideAllNodes Action that un-reveals all visible nodes from the netmap
- Added ShowNode Action that reveals a node on the netmap
- Added addRankSilent mission function:
- addRankSilent
- Same as AddRank, but it won't send a faction update report email
- Added needsMissionComplete check to the Instantly action condition.
- MessageBoard threads now support wildcards like #PLAYERNAME#


- Fixed Custom Admin accounts not having the same full permissions as normal admin accounts.
- Fixed non-email alert icons not correctly showing alerts for @#PLAYERNAME# and @Channel notifications.
- Fixed descriptions in non-English languages not working correctly.
- Fixed HackerScripts interacting with whitelists being affected by the player's whitelist status.
- Fixed some cases where crashing during a screenbleed sequence would keep that effect.
- Incoming Connection alert will now only display on a connect command from a Hacker Script targeting the player, instead of whenever one was launched.
- Fixed non-standard characters not rendering in HackerScripts
- Fixed some errors with whitelist servers managed by a remote server not correctly checking their own system status.
- IRC and DLCHub daemons now support #PLAYERNAME# and other wildcards in IRC mesages and names.
- Fixed Sequencer ignoring the given spin up time and always using the default.
- Fixed the reboot command in Hackerscripts targeting the plaeyr instead of the intended target in some cases
- Fixed a crash that could occur when a HackerScript tried to delete a file that wasn't there
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Changelog for Patch 5.069 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 21 September 2017):

- FTPSprint.exe no longer requires Labyrinths to be usable in Extensions
- FTPBounce.exe runs 2 seconds faster
- Added -s argument to HexClock.exe to allow execution without UI theme change
- Improved the PositionNear tag for computers
- Added SetLock action to show/hide and lock/unlock display modules

Other Fixes and Changes:
- Fixed case in which HackerScript testing would report the wrong computer as the target
- Fixed ShowNode action
- Fixed some cases in HackerScripts where the player would not get an alert notification
- Fixed an issue where invalid charachters would break the Intro text sequence
- HackerScripts will no longer open your CD tray when you're just testing them
- Fixed many issues where blank lines or spaces in the wrong places would break HackerScripts
- Fixed a case where the upload command would upload to the current directory instead of the directory where it was originally run
- Fixed the top bar going missing on CustomConnectDaemons
- Fixed many cases in which #PLAYERNAME# and other wildcards were not supported in Daemons
- The ChangeIP action now supports #RANDOM_IP# for a randomly generated IP
- Fixed some small issues with ESequencer.exe spin up time