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like I said, coming into a place filled with GG die-hard, core fans is probably not the best situation to ask this question, but I'm in a bit of a hurry, so...

The thing is: I'm home alone, have nothing to do, I'm not in the mood to play some story-heavy game or to waste my time watching TV, I have no one to go out with, don't feel like reading or writing (I'm on vacation, and video games relax me more than books, even though I do love books more -- it's just the sheer level of dedication whichever one requires of me, and, right now, I'd rather play a game), so, being a GG fan for quite some time, but having unlocked pretty much all there is to unlock in Guilty Gear XX #Reload, I was thinking of buying Isuka through GOG and giving it a go.

The problem is that, while I like the screenshots and artwork of the game, the opinion expressed by some fans of the series worries me. I'm not expecting Isuka to be like XX #Reload, mind you, I'm quite aware it's a different kind of experience, but my question here is: is it worth a casual time spent with it? I'm not hoping for the deep mechanics of a "true" fighting game, like those in the rest of the series, but is it as bad as people say it is, taking into account you only want to have a casual time with a game, with the added bonus of said game having the Guilty Gear flare and ambiance (which it undeniably has)?

I also don't mean "casual time" like "I'm picking it now and then leave it alone", I'm simply stating I'll probably won't spend as much time with it as I did with XX #Reload, but it would be nice to have a game to pick up right now that wouldn't throw me loads of text, like GOG's overrated classic CRPGs, or all the adventure games I already finished years ago...

So, in conclusion: I *know* this isn't your typical GG game. I need something to do right now. The game is dirt cheap. Has a GG look and feel to it. Is it as bad as core GG fans say it is, or should I buy it nonetheless, especially when I'm absolutely aware that it is not like XX #Reload?

Thanks in advance (though, from what I've seen in these forums, I'll only probably get a reply to this post by tomorrow, if people'll reply at all...)


As no one answered, I went and bought the game, anyway.

So far, I'm liking it, though the need to change the direction you're facing manually is pretty lame and cumbersome on a keyboard (I have no controller, so I'll have to get used to it -- plus, I find it easier to input commands using a keyboard rather than a d-pad, so, no controller for me, when it comes to fighting games). I also dislike how they got rid of Insta-Deaths, it was a big part of Guilty Gear, for me, but it doesn't bother me all that much.

When all's said and done, I'd still recommend this title. It's fast-paced, it's fun, the soundtrack is, as usual, top-notch, the gameplay, while going a different way, and requiring getting used to, serves its purpose, I guess, the characters exude coolness and charm, the new additions are more than welcome (A.B.A. rocks!). Sure, it's no Guilty Gear XX #Reload, but it's still a nice game to pick up once in a while and have a bit of fun.
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For single player Isuka was fun enough IMO. However, I play GG mainly multiplayer so I can't really countenance Isuka as the incredibly lame "foreground/background" positioning switch in multiplayer is gamebreaking. Combined with having to switch the orientation of the characters manually the game is too easily "cheesed" in multiplayer to be playable.

IMO it's the same as the old Dust Strikers on the DS: fun enough, better than anything in the BlazBlue (which should be on GOG...) series, but still a part of the Guilty Gear franchise that is best left forgotten.

I've taken to playing the GG games with the analog stick of a 360 controller. It seems to work well enough, it's nicer on the thumbs, and it is the only way my playgroup and I have found to really play this game multiplayer on the same PC.

If only GOG could procure a PC version of Guilty Gear XX Slash (aka "Accent Core without its flaws")...
Well, it did serve its purpose for that time, I guess.

Regarding BlazBlue, as great as it looks, I don't think this tin can of a computer of mine can run it, but it sure would be a great addition to GOG's catalog. That and, obviously, like you mentioned, GG XX Slash.

Isuka... well, let's just say it's... there, whenever I have nothing better to do. Far from being one of my favorite games, but not bad, either.
This game is really fun it's 4 player mode makes everything worth it. some really good music too. plus you can make robo ky with custom special moves which is a huge plus.