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I get the error in the title when I try to start the game. Is there anything I can do?
Use game validation on game in GOG Galaxy client. At least twice in a row (client not report results). Start galaxy.ese as admin. Use adminrun on galaxy exe also before starting the game (at least for first time, but galaxy itself should be always from admin).

If it is about standard offline installer version - reinstall it as admin and do first run as admin (or set game exe to be always 'runasadmin' argument).
Correct path to install is similat to X:\Games\Ground-Control-DarkConspiracy\ . No program files spaces _ non-latin or special symbols.

Probably it need empty real/virtual disc drive.

After reinstall or validation (never reinstall online galaxy builds, for gaming clients it always should be validated) blank cd-key should be set.

Probably PCGW can tell more. Eg if game read cd-key from HKLM winregistry - most likely it do, as most games with cd-keys - it always should be started as admin, not only for first time. Or Windows replace game registry section with virtualstore and cd-key entrie will be lost.
To check where game settings stores chedk PCGW
Post edited July 19, 2022 by QWEEDDYZ