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Does anyone else game crash at the ocean-part in year three? Right after Glottis grab Chepito and Manny says something like "We'r going to the moon".

I think there's an cinematic sequence that is about to start when the game crash.

Any idea what to do to solve this matter?

Windows 7 64bit
i7 4770k 3.50GHz
Geforce 780
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The same thing is happening to me on Win 8.1 64-bit. It's a consistent crash, there doesn't seem to be a way around it. Cannot finish the game as a result.
This was happening to me as well. I did two things to work around this. Not sure if it was one or both things that fixed it for me. First I lowered the game settings turning off advanced lighting and changing from Remastered to Original. The game still crashed after the "going to the moon" dialogue. I then went into the shortcut properties and checked the Compatibility box and set as Windows XP Service Pack 3. Restarted game and I was able to play through and see the cinematic.

I'm going to reset everything back as it looks pretty bad with these settings and see if I can play the rest of the game without crashing.

I'm running Windows 7 64.
Same problem here - I'm using:
W8.1 64-bit
Samsung SmartPC Pro 700T
intel HD Graphics 4000

I've dropped all display options to the lowest possible settings, and fiddled with all sorts of compatibility settings. No luck.
Doesn't look like I'm going to be able to finish it, so that's pretty disappointing.
The bug seems to have been fixed in the 1.2.2 patch according to the change log on the double fine forums

We just need to wait for GOG to implement the patch

EDIT: I can now confirm that the crash has indeed been fixed with the patch. Took a bit longer than expected but oh well. At least it works now.
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