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low rated
Can you relaes this as separate game, that dont need base game and other DLCs?

I really like gameplay and graphics of this but really DONT LIKE gunpoweder weapons/stupid hat in base game and other DLC (IMMERSION-BREAKING ...)

If you manage this i wuld be really happy to buy and play this.

Unfortunatelly there is only good old TitanQuest that keeps lore CONSISTENT and don't ruin it with stupid steampunk/gunpowder weapons (Torchlight and Grim Dawn will be such amazing games without steampunk/gunpowder nonsense and better story...)
And what would that entail? A single class and "just the new territories"? Maybe also a single set of items for said class?

Seriously, it's an EXPANSION. It builds on the existing slew of items and classes and doesn't contain enough content to stand on it's own.
There also has been an illusionist since the last expansion (Ashes of Malmouth) that takes care of the "silly hat" thing, and no one forces you to use the firearms. There's also crossbows, or general melee.

There's also plenty of other Action RPGs, if this one isn't to your taste. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to play a game beset by insufferable headwear and uncouth weapon choices. Asking the devs to completely redesign a game that's been on the market for three years (and in development since 2010...) just to tickle your fancy sounds like a surefire way to waste both money and time.

They also mentioned they're done with Grim Dawn and onto a new project, so I wouldn't expect any more content patches and DLCs for this one.

And *poof*, another 10 minutes of my lifetime wasted on pointless nonsense.
I know how you feel, I am also not a fan of the gunpowder-thing. And I also miss the spear as a weapon ( ah the good old times of Titan Quest)
But however, the Gunpowder-thing is only a local thing (more or less bandits) during the first chapter there are no enemies with guns, just like the most time later, so it's just a part to walk through. If you ignore this part for you there is a lot of content without it also a lot of character combination without the guns.
It's pretty the best ARPG after TitanQuest in these days (not perfect but who needs perfection we are just humans).
How gunpowder can be lack of immersion in a 'steampunk' game?
TitanQuest was ancient fantastic, GrimDawn is not, it's rather 3 thousands years later...
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Why do you think it's a steam punk game, noone said this from the devs, the only thing you can find it that their said there were inspired by the victorian time in some parts. But in the end it's a apocalyptic scenario.

But maybe I am also wrong:

So there are some steampunk elements but the story has nothing to do with it.
To some parts I coould also say if I look at Cronley's Gang, they remind me of cowboys so this could be a cowboys vs aliens thing :)

However there is only the Demolitionist and to some part the Inquisitor as steampunk parts (however as Inquisitor you could also ignore this part). There were also no evil guys that would somehow fit in a steampunk world (Cronley's Gang were cowboys :)
But if you play this was it is a steampunkgame

But you also can says it's just about magic, magic chars fighting magic monsters the rest who cares for it.

You can also say you were a medieval knight somehow wake up in a Dante's Inferno scenario and you use onle meele weapons and armor no magic no guns and you still play the game with a lot of fun.

You could even say you were a pokemon trainer who just eat some strange mushrums and you were on a trip were you pokemons fight agains other evil pokemons and at the end everyone is happy.

The game offers a lot of space to interpret it, so it's a good design, as long you have fun. We all have different opinions about different thinks. Just if you think this must be so it doesnot mean that other thinks the same, even if the whole world has an other opinion about something than you it doesnot mean that they were right and you were wrong.

So enjoy the game.
Steampunk is uchronia inspired by victorian times...
I'm very okay with this, even I don't care. Sure I prefer medieval fantasy, but I'm not against victorian if it's well done.
How does wielding pistols in a Victorian setting break immersion?
It is not a steampunk game just because there were guns and they said they have been inspired by victorian age.
Steampunk games looks and feels completely different as this game. (unless you want the game be a steampunkgame than it's your personal view)

post from Zentai (Gamedesigner of Grim Dawn) : Uhh, steampunk is literally the opposite of what we aim for, as handed down by divine mandate from the highest reaches of Crate.

And medierra Designer:
I can assure you I never said the game was going to be steampunky, since I personally am not a fan of steampunk. Maybe it's just not often done right - what turns me off is the random gears, pipes, etc, randomly slapped onto everything, where often it makes no functional sense.

It is, however, a Victorian era time period, with really more like a smattering of influences, borrowed across colonial to WW1 time periods. Bows had fallen out of common use by then. Of course, we didn't really exclude bows just because it didn't fit into our time period - it's a fictional world and we already don't strictly follow any real-world chronology. As Zantai said, a big reason I chose to forgo bows was the extra animation and item-art work but I also just didn't really feel compelled to add them. So, it was a combination of saving time, while also building the fictional world as I wanted it.

I'd just made an ARPG with bows but no guns or crossbows. I wanted GD to feel less high-fantasy / medieval and thought it would be cool to stick with just guns and crossbows, for a change of pace. I think that better fit the type of world I was trying to create....

BTW this is one of the grat memes in the Grimdawn forums:some people are saying that this is a steampunkt game and the devs says no it's not.

As I said you can fight with you pets so this must be a pokemon game.

And whatever it is it's a great game.

(yes I am bored, waiting for some friends to visit so I needed to do something, sorry if someone feels offended )
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OP post lender, i'll be tender...

Lots of text...

which I read, EFFaRrr! ;p


So, reviving the corpse soaking in necrotic Consommé (thanks Theodore Charles), and since I've yet to feel inclined to buy,

are FG and AoM lvl 1 restarts?

points @ the Austrian and waits...

...for 21 minutes... must be pointing it in the wrong direction...

:goes elite running for Seals... COME GET SOME HARPOON....½!7ten
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I think elves are sort of overrated. But I wouldn't start a thread on Divinity: Original Sin 2 about it.

Enjoy it or don't. Industrial era post-apocalypse with zombies and demons. It's all up to you.