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Any witch way you turn, your soul will burn, and witch-knots

Well anyway, changing the object: I set a record some time ago on Elite that still stands; 52730

Blood-thumbing through the 3 Papyrical Scrolls, I saw it again and wondered what I was wearing at the time, besides Cabalistic Regalia or some such, meaning: How was I specced at the time, what funny extras kicked in then besides the old 1-2-3!, what Stars were in alignment, how had I buffed my huff-n-puff etc?

Some really un-welcome Boss in Port Valbury did a turn-around on me because I thought (well up until then at least...) I was in the clear of my own PEW PEW! Live and Learn, die and learn as well. Ouch. So I swapped around and re-specced one or five things and... haven't been close to it yet. More even on the Massacre now, and can even get up front and central and pinch most Bosses snouts nowadays but...

I'm 98% self-made tru trial / error Methods (by which I mean, I have died. A LOT!) so... I would prefer NOT to 'Show my hand' if you can read between the obvious dyslexia I get while writing this dyslexical. Catch me drift?

kind regards in advance: 3 of 1 is 1 of 3 - mememe!
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