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Zantai has released a preview changelog for V1.1.0.0.

And yes, you read that right.

"GOG and Steam users can now play together in Multiplayer as long as both are playing the same version of the game (v1.1.0.0 and future updates)"
One of the reasons I love Crate. They polish their games and you really get alot for what you pay. Eagerly awaiting the new Expansion :)
holy cow! thank you! being on GOG and not being able to play with the Steam trading community was a total bummer
Well, you can thank the Xbox port for that. Something to do with DX11 which is needed for that.
Yeah, these are true expansions, not those usual Steam drms/dlcs.
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Still seeing no patch 1.1. being rolled out almost two days after release on steam feels a little bit... disappointing.

Oddly enough, the hitherto patiently waiting old guy feels invigorated and younger with every passing minute (compares a little bit to spring 1982 when the first kiss HAD to happen veeery soon :p)

I am just curious whether the planned simultanious launch of FG on GOG and Steam will be pulled of...
Акогда на гоге обновление выйдет???
when do we get the new update here on gog ? why does it take so long compared to steam ?
So - where is the Gog patch ?
sigilork: So - where is the Gog patch ?
Coming in 2 days.
sigilork: So - where is the Gog patch ?
ERISS: Coming in 2 days.
This from Zantai over on the GD discord:

"Gog build experienced an issue we needed to address, and since we're doing a hotfix soon for steam, it will include those fixes as well, so it got a bit delayed"
Crate might be THE best developer on GOG... I loaded it up and saw a gigantic server list and just sat back and smiled... THANK YOU to them for making this happen, especially right before the new content drop
I absolutely agree - thanks guys!