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So does LAN multiplayer currently work for anyone else?

I tried between Arch and Ubuntu. the machines are connected via a router, UPNP is not enabled.
If I host on the Arch machine the game shows up but the Ubuntu machine is unable to connect.
If I host on the Ubuntu machine the game does not show up on the Arch machine.

Any ideas? I read a lot about recent issues with multiplayer, so does LAN multiplayer generally work or is it currently broken?

EDIT: Solved by resetting my router config. Not sure what the issue was, but at least two player LAN works.
Pretty sure I have played other LAN multiplayer games, at least Stardew Valley, just fine with said configuration.
We have had desync issues though, the host character ended up invisible or in the wrong position sometimes from the point of few of the joined player. I think the game has these issues on Windows as well.
Looks like the net code could use some love and from reading around the web it seems those kind of issues are known since at least 2016.
Post edited April 09, 2019 by hollunder