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I can run GNBNA by clicking on the shortcut link. Looking in the folders I see the other games, and they have run-game.bat files in each folder that I think should be used to run them. However, for all of these but the one for GNBNA just make the screen go black for a while and then loop back to desk top.

I played GNBNA to death back in the 1990's, and whilst it's nostalgic fun to play it again, I was rather hoping to be able to play the other games in the series which I have never played.

I've also tried just using DOSBox to run the GNB5.exe file directly, but it gives the error message "CD fail", I've tried mounting the folder with the instruction -t CDROM so there's a CDROM drive there but I still get the same message. Probably there is some way of making this work but I don't know what it is.
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Yeah, the messaging isn't great.

You have to run it thru Gog-Galaxy.
When you pull up the game, right of the "Play" button, there is another button that is squarish that looks like it's got sliders / toggles on it. Click it.

You'll get a drop-down. The first on the list is "Additional Executables", select that.
You'll then get a list of the various games, selecting each will start the game.

(see screen shot attached)
gnb.jpg (240 Kb)
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Both Galaxy and standalone installers create shortcuts for other games.
Just look around (for Galaxy see the post above, for stand alone installers just see (the depthts of) Windows Start menu).
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