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I'm running a 16:10 monitor with a 1680x1050 resolution and with this game I have the problem, that the mouse isn't locked within the blackbars. That in itself wouldn't be a problem but the inventory only triggers when I move the cursor to the upper border of the screen but it appears under the black bar and it disappears when the cursor is half way down the inventory bar. In other words: The area where the inventory appears/disappears is shifted up when running a 16:10 resolution. That is pretty annoying. Is there a way to fix that behaviour with a workaround?
Otherwise it would be nice if this was fixed any time soon. 16:10 monitors are still commonly in use, after all.

Edit: Oh, I see - nevermind - it doesn't have to do with the aspect ratio but with non standart resolutions. I was using DSR previously and that appearently caused the weird inventory behaviour. It actually works with 1680x1050 - seems like the inventory only works correctly with standart resolutions. It's a pitty, though because the game looks absolutely stunning with a DSR resolution like 2520x1575. Anyway, I made a custom 1920x1200 resolution and that actually also works so I get at least small visual enhancement.
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