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Some of you know that our box art is the box art Viva Media come up with for the North American version of the game, but if you look at international versions of the game there is a big difference.

During the box developing stage , we took a look the original art of the main character and if we published the art this way we're not sure how the ESRB would handle this or if retailers would carry our game due to a revealing element so we covered up her chest a little bit in order for the game rating board to not get any wrong ideas about the game ,etc.
Nice insider, wouldn't have noticed this without a hint. For everybody curious, check the cover of the boxed version on and ;-)
I think you should talk to GOG about using the regular image, since non-censorship is a big deal here.
Seriously? That cleavage is pretty mild in comparison to what you see in some magazines.
Que the "Don't care about violence and swearing but do care about boobs" debate.