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Hi all,

We've updated the installers for all three operating systems to version 1.29. Please download the updated installer for your OS in order to get the latest and greatest version of the game :)

Version Release 1.29
1) Mass deployment feature on deployment screen now shows icons at the right angle at all times.
2) Fixed rare crash bug when using decoy projectors.
3) Fixes to some corrupt Kraugerisk ship hulks.
4) Fixed bug where some components of ship hulks could be incorrectly colored.
5) Fixed bug relating to armor stacking penalties and effective armor being miscalculated in some cases.
6) Fixed bug the formation order in a sub-deployment didn't load in correctly.
7) Fixes for some buggy achievements not tracking progress or triggering in all cases.
8) Identical voice messages now need twice as long a delay between repeats.
9) Gunships no longer have escape pods.
10) Damage indicator feedback in-battle adjusted to be less 'spammy' when multiple shots hit in close proximity.
11) Support for new types of mission where deployment zones alternate when used as a challenge.
12) 2 New missions added (Pyrataxian Ambush & The Slarthoon Belt).
13) Range GUI in battles now drawn above planets, by popular demand.
14) Fixed problems with camoflage shield graphical effect.
15) Mid-battle and end-battle statistics now track radiation damage in full.
16) Fixed blank texture for graphlex plating module.
17) Fixed blank hulk texture for a zyrtari cockpit.
18) Fixed another mid-battle and end battle sound-related crash bug.
19) Different shield modules now color shield effects, so the final color is determined by the highest resistance.

Version Release 1.28
1) Mouse wheel now scrolls the message screen inbox.
2) Inbox now formatted better. Also this screen now has a 'challenges' button.
3) Fixed bug where some combinations of graphics options could result in a blurred white battle screen.
4) Fixed crash bug in ship design screen when a ship encounters layers with zero physical sprites.
5) New tutorial message pops up (English only) when you try to save a fighter/gunship design with no engines or fuel tank.
6) Fixed graphical bug on some resolutions on the ship design screen when changing hull size types.
7) Ship design loading dialog now sorts by name correctly.
8) Fixed shader error message / potential problem on ship design screen for screen resolutions of 900 height.
9) Fixed bug where fighters who started returning to a carrier would not pick a new carrier if their first choice was destroyed.
10) Fixed cursor flickering on some low-spec machines.
11) Added new options to the in-battle visual options to toggle on/off asteroids/hulks/nebula clouds.
12) Increased some module unlock costs.
13) Support for setting which graphics adapter to use in prefs.ini

Thanks and have a nice day :)