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Hi all,

We've uploaded new installers for all three supported operating systems. Please visit your account and re-download the installer in order to get the latest version of the game :)

Changelog for version 1.27:

-Fixed incorrect wording in some achievements.
-Fixed problems with some achievements not triggering correctly.
-The Terran Kennedy class cruiser hull now correctly comes with crew.
-Ship hulls now list all hull bonuses, not just the first three, on both hull picker and unlock screen.
-The module details window on the deployment screen now auto-sizes depending on how much data needs to be shown.
-Fixed bug where the deployment screen design picker did not scroll correctly or show all ship designs in some cases.
-Increased unlock costs of a number of items.
-Reduced speed and damage of cruiser multiple-warhead missiles.
-Right-clicking anywhere on an in-battle ship window will now close it.
-Quitting a challenge game mid-battle now eventually returns you to the deployment screen, not challenge list.
-Fixed bugs relating to creating composite ship components, rotating and then mirroring them.
-Fixed bug where some very long screen-spanning beam lasers would not draw all the time.
-Fixed another yootan ship component that became a blank square upon destruction.
-Fixed bug where it was possible to have firing arcs that prevented a module from ever firing.
-Fixed alt+tab crash.
-Fixed invisible fighter-pulse laser graphics.
-Fixed rare crash when deleting certain ships on the deployment screen.

Thanks and have a nice day :)