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Hi all,

We've uploaded new installers for all three operating systems that will update your game to version 1.26 :) Please download the install files for your OS in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :)

Changelog for version 1.2.6:

2) Fixed a bunch of broken hull graphics that used to draw as blank rectangles.
3) Fixed bug where the ECMBeam Module would still fire after being destroyed.
4) Fixed bug in serial code validation which failed if the dashes were not entered.
5) Fixed crash bug when scrolling down on research screen and then selecting a different tab.
6) Camoflage shield now deactivates when module is destroyed, and cannot re-activate until repaired.
7) Fixed potential freeze when changing battle speed or ending battle.
8) Point defense weapons can no longer fire if the module has been destroyed.
9) Dragged ship design icons now always face the correct way on the deployment screen.
10) Improved the layout of the yootan sundance dreadnought module slots.
11) Fixed crash bug when loading a fleet with an exceptionally large formation.
12) Fixed corrupt Zedong class AI destroyer design with no engines.
13) Fixed bug where sometimes ships would be replaced by white rectangles.

Changelog for version 1.25:

1) Fixed bug with looping sounds.
2) Fixed bug where ships without shields sometimes had a tooltip showing -1 as shield integrity.
3) Challenge battles no longer have 'difficulty' buttons on the deployment screen (they were irrelevant).
4) Fixed bug/exploit allowing you to load more fighters onto a cruiser if you edit the cruiser after loading.
5) Changed steering mechanic for ship AI so that if it needs to take a tight turn, it will slow down so as not to overshoot or go offscreen too often.
6) Fixed bug where text in language selectiion menu initialized wrong.
7) Possible end battle crash bug fix.

Changelog for version 1.24:

2) Some in-battle optimizations.

(The missing numbers were some Steam-related fixes that do not apply here :) )

Thanks and have a nice day :)