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Unkalibriert: Wait till Monday or so.
It's actually live as of right now, offline and via Galaxy :)
Terpor: Patch 1.05 has been released on Steam!

The following issues have been addressed:

- Ryudo's Sky Dragon Slash texture issue
- Reproducible crash using Gravity spell
- Tio's Whisper to the Stars not correctly raising stats as expected
- Enemies not playing death animation correctly
- Wrong background when flying up to Valmar
- Background at sea during 50/50 cutscene not displaying correctly
- Sky background not displaying correctly during Ryudo's flashback
- Carius's spell not casting correctly in the first Millenia encounter

With this patch, the major, verifiable crash issues should be addressed. If you are still experiencing crashes after updating to this version, please let us know in as much detail as possible. We've seen a lot of helpful troubleshooting scenarios where players have been able to avoid crashes by lowering various settings based on the performance capabilities of their machines. You may also want to ensure that your PC is utilizing its dedicated GPU rather than integrated graphics (for Nvidia Optimus/AMD Switchable Graphics users).

Thanks so much for all your support for Grandia II: Anniversary Edition.
This is now live on GOG :)
medion: I apologize, I'll clarify.

I don't own the game on Steam. I was stating "I will try the patch on the GoG copy when released, because I own the GoG copy."

Anyway, it was released overnite. I tried it, and it did not fix my issues.
Does patch 1.05 fix your issues?
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