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I sure hope so since there is plenty of bugs that still need fixing....
I have it on gog please devs if you are reading this. Make it so.
I'd really appreciate any kind of answer on the status of either of the two Grandia HD remasters, just so I know if I should wait or just get it elsewhere.
This. Really hope to get grandia I and II remastters both on gog.
Is theer any real difference between the two versions beyond widescreen support and slightly better UI graphics? Is the HD remaster based on the anniversary edition, or is it built off some other version of the game?
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wirt die Grantia II AE auch zu HD version mit allen sprachen oder bleibt die so
Are we going to have to hound GOG for answers regarding this issue?
I too would like to know... I always prefer to buy on GOG, so would be useful to know if they're coming here. Originally bought Grandia II on Steam before realizing it was here, then returned the order and got it here once realizing that was possible. Now wanting to know if the first Grandia is coming, as I liked that one even better!