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Ok I lifted this map when I was snooping around in Greg's hut at the pirate camp. Apparently he has buried treasure all over the place. I've noticed a few red letter X here and there, and I assume those are the marks on this map, but so far I only dug up the one connected to the golden compass quest. Should I wait for a quest to dig up the other ones or can I just go dig up any and all of it whenever I find them?
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I can be mistaken... but I think... the rest are purely items, nothing really quest related? If you can check them, then do so and see if there is anything important. And, as always in Gothic series - save often. If there is - just load the game. :)
AFAIR, there's no quest associated with Greg's treasures (in Jharkendar). The only interesting thing is the Amulet of the Priests, part of the Priests' set - increasing MP: 2x Ring +5, Amulet +10. All three +40, A+R +20, 2R +15.

Map of all treasures (and their contents) in Jharkendar (including non-Greg's) - or [url=]here (under Maps - Jharkendar - Hidden Treasury).
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