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I think I may have read something which suggests these skills allow you to regenerate endurance/stamina more efficiently in their respective biomes and potentially even give some bonus resistance...

Is this true?

Please don't give an answer just because you believe it to be so, let me know if you've actually tested this or found some reliable information on it.


The reason I ask is because I tested how stamina normally regenerates and then I went into the desert... and I saw no difference.

Normally stamina regenerates 10 every 1 second (I measured this), and in the desert of Varant I got the same values.

Also if they give any resistance to Fire/Ice it must be hidden as my armor values are unchanged.


EDIT: Well NOW it's taking effect. Endurance is increasing as if I were diseased. I wonder why it wasn't activating earlier?
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your first test was in the night, staminaregeneration was normal.
in the day it is very low - resist to heat will give you normal regeneration.

in nordmar stamina will regenerate normal in the day and slow in the night.

you may find some armor with these skills, so it is not nessesery to learn it.