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By getting hurt is no issue. because you gain a massive amount of healing items.
The game is basicaly chess, with exciting moves, and a bit of random, which factor can hurt this run at the beginning.

Some things to know:
- you gain exp by causing damage
- there are stunning equipment from a point
- weapons cause damage based on their basic damage, the enemy armor, a factor of slight random, and weapon skill. 0 base damage items do not cause damage ever.
- weapon skill rises by the successful use of weapons. So if you miss you don't gain skill. 1st to 2nd level needs 2 hits, etc.
- there are some weapons wich cause Damage Over Time, starting with the flamethrower
- you get occasional extra members, but at the endgame you'll leave each of them behind, so you know that
- you can't save during combat
- you can swap equipment during combat too. Stand the two character next to each other (don't work diagonaly), open inventory, and pull over the equipment
- you don't need to reload, all weapon with ammo has infinite size barrel
- many weapons use cooldown, they don't require ammo though, so abuse them for better result
- ammo is enough if you're using melee weapons at least occasionaly, like as finishing moves

- HP is obvious. You shouldn't care too much of it, the basic is aplenty.
- Walk Range is most important, but can not be changed during the game
- Luck can cause extra damage. Second best stat for a no-hurt playthrough, and strong either way for any playthrough.
- Accuracy is most important, however I think there's always a chance to miss, or at least 5% miss doesn't mean a lot, especialy if you're ready to use melee weapons and all kinds of other equipments. While for me it is the stat to rise ASAP, 95% is enough
- Counter Attack is the second best stat for a normal playthrough. It gives a chance to retaliate with your weapon if the character got hurt.
- Calmness is a stat which only plays if you get hurt. Then the character becomes enraged, and causes extra damage while have less % to hit. But if has 95% base, the drawback won't mean much. Note: you can DECREASE Calmness during levelup too, which also costs skillpoints.

Walthrough/Guide Part 1:
- when you arrive you have your 3 core characters. There's a bloody hard fight coming at a point, so your focus should be on Ovitz, because he'll fall into a trap alone for a couple of turns. Also, while it is common sense to spare your bigger guns, you actualy should USE them (rifles at this point) ASAP to develop your skills for the times you encounter the bigger enemies.
- the 1st fight is unavoidable, thus the same for everyone. It has only 1 Sfinx. It is your basic enemy, with no resistances, ranged attack, or armor. Problem is, your skills suck, so you'll likely miss, what is at this point a bad thing, so you might want to reload the situation. The being can be finished with 1 rifle shot each, and you might insert 1 pistol shot too just to develop skill. Use all your characters, that thing is close.
- you reach some bodies, which'll initiate your 2nd fight. Nothing special, 2 sfinx this time. Use the rifles.
- there's a note nearby, and a crate at the gate nearby. Watch out to NOT initiate the fight at the gate, but loot the crate. In the small house a bit south are gloves, which is quest item.
NOTE: I have no idea what happens if you don't pick up the notes and data discs during a playthrough. Probably nothing goes differently (and maybe you're forced to go back and loot them). Also, while you can close back crates, you never have to, that doesn't changes anything.
- save, and go west. You'll find Dobrovsky, an old, suspicious man. After a looong conversation battle ensues. Don't panic. First make Trantigne (black, french guy) give the baseball bat (or the axe) and his pistol to Dobrovsky, then all 3 core shoot the Cutter Pill, and Dobrovsky should finish it. It is extremly important none misses here (I think melee hits can't miss), because the being has that many HP. Cutters are invulnerable to fire, so don't even think about the flamethrower. Also, use flanking here for extra damage (+2 per hit from side, +4 from behind by Sullivan).
Next round T. should use the flamethrower to eliminate the closing Sfinx. Dobrovsky can train his pistol skill on it too to hasten the process. As DOT comes before things move, it'll be finished before it could cause any trouble. The other two (the captain and Ovitz) should rifle the Garcia on the left. Garcias are ranged units with Uzi, so better use the covers and its limited Walk Range.
The other Sfinx can be eliminated either by blasting the nearby barrel (it explodes naturaly), and this can even prevent a 2nd garcia showing up. But we want exp probably, so just use pistols, and use the barrel to finish it off the Garcia instead (major damage equals super exp, even if the enemy had less HP).
- pick up the next note.
- go back to the small house, and go further south. You'll meet your first horde, fortunately spread. First defeat the Sfinx, it is the immediate threat. Use the flamethrower at your pleasure. Remember, Oticz is the one who needs most exp and skill, but do not sacrifice yourself for his sake, meaning use T to blast the south barrel for example.
Do not mind Dotrovski, he is not needed much. Use pistols and backing away from RC28s (they are immun to electricity if anyone cares).
Your second target though is obviously the Garcia on the north. Shouldn't be hard. Third is the RC on the south, as it is closer to the open. The other needs more time to reach the other barrel, so use that fact in your tactics.
- a bit south is a crate with minor amount of supply. There's also a quest item oxygen tank. Pick these up, and go back west, past the fence (this is where you need the gloves). Slide into the tunnel, use the oxygen tank on the rocks, and use a weapon on the tank - solving puzzles don't consume ammo by the way. This result in some loot. Give the napalm to Trantigne because only he'll stand at the right spot to use it most efficiently.
- let's fight Grandma. Some tips: the napalm is the only thing that won't result in giving extra turns to the beast when the spawns are eliminated. Also, the fire the napalm (or the grandma) leaves behind only hurts you at the very end of your turn, so in the last turn you are allowed to walk in it, and you won't suffer damage from it. To eliminate the Grandma witthout getting hurt, I did not find any means aside using the Missile.
- pick up the Hand, and enter the storage for a crate.
- go back to the Gate this time. Two Garcia strikes. Shoot a napalm to the northern one with Trantigne, who the next turn should flamethrower the eastern one. Use rifle in the first turnby the captain and Ovitz, leave D out of the play. Use pistols for the remainder of the fight. You can semi-easily leave the Garcias alive until a third shows up on the east along a Sfinx on the south (only if you don't block their spawn-area by standing there). Manouvering around the barrels in the middle you have a chance to gain more exp without getting hurt.
- next go back to west, and enter the docks. You'll meet the Judge and its spawns. 3 can be eliminated by a napalm, and before you start to worry use flamethrower and pistols on the big one, as it is slow as heck. Finish it with the explosive barrel.
- loot the nearby storage (data disc and rifle ammo and more is your reward).
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Part 2:

- now you COULD, because of meta-knowledge, just loot the safe on the ship, but that's cheap, so instead go and rescue the mutant. My team at this point:
Sullivan: clvl 3, lvl 5 pistol, lvl 6 rifle, starts by throwing a grenade
Ovitz: clvl 5, lvl 2 flamethrower, lvl 5 rifle, lvl 6 pistol, lvl 2 axe, starts by throwing a grenade
Trantigne: clvl 4, lvl 3 rifle, lvl 4 flamethrower, lvl 2 napalm, lvl 4 pistol
It is absolutely possible to win this w/o getting hurt, especialy as the farther Garcia does not shoot, entirely occupied by the friendly mutant. But not even that is demanded, as you can shoot once by rifle (Ovitz for me, gained another level of rifle skill), once by uzi (Trantigne), and once by flamethrower (Sullivan, the monster had 30 HP left, so even with 0 skill in it could eliminate it by the 15 base damage and 15 DOT of first turn).
- your reward is a crate, and the codeword for the safe.
- now comes the before mentioned trap-battle. Ovitz will fight alone, so give him the flamethrower to start with. You fight a Sfinx and a Fang, the later shooting rockets if it has the line of sight. Your best bet is to start stepping one SE, and blast the barrels for 40 dmg on the Fang, as it'll move out of their range next turn, then back away to the east. Next turn shoot the Fang by rifle for good damage and back away to the edge of the screen (east again). Next turn step before the Sfinx, and tranquilize it with the shocker, next turn after that torch both with the flamethrower. Move to the west, prepare to finish the Sfinx with axe, or something. (The best melee weapons by my experience for Ovitz is the axe, Trantigne the baseball bat, and the crowbar for Sullivan.)
A Cutter arrives from the west, but can easily be shot down with the new shotgun (or any other weapon for that sake as it can only move 3 hex per turn - this can be abused to use the flamethrower a couple of extra times too, as it is fire-immun if you remember, but even0 dmg hits count towards skill).
- we can do nothing else now but open the Gate, which hides a boss, which is very very easy as it can be tranquilised. It'll still shoot while stunned, but that's not much of a problem. There's a chest DURING THE FIGHT, so send Sullivan there ALONG THE WALL (spawns nearest to the chest) while the others use the shocker and the dart-gun to keep the boss stunned (obviously as they don't improve on dmg, let D use them except in the first turn where Trantigne is the best choice for the dartgun), while whacking it away with whatever you have. This boss is immun to fire though, so don't try flamethrower, or napalm (if you still have ammo for it).
Until got close used ranged weapons (rifle and pistol on Sullivan, shotgun on Ovitz, dartgun on Trantigne), then only melee ones to improve in this cheap way. Later they can/will come useful. 3 dart remained.
- next enter the nearby door for a note and a chest, then start to go south. A save might be a good idea here in case your troop wander around randomly initiating an event you don't want to encounter yet. Meet the looters, then hug the western wall to find another chest.
Take away ALL stuff from Dobrovsky (or if you wanna roleplay leave all medikal equipment on him, or whatever), and initiate the above mentioned event after you distributed your stuff.

The coming part is hard, because without rest you'll do 2 battles.
In the first for starter I'd eliminate the Garcia on the east to prevent trouble, and stun with the tranquilizer the nearest Hornet. On this department later a molotov cocktail can do short work.
It IS possible to outmanouver the things, but is much simpler to just use a stun-grenade on the left side to gain time and avoid complications. Lastly leave a Hornet alive and roam around to loot the crates.
For the second battle make Ovitz have an uzi, and blow up the barrel he canreach, this eliminates one of the Cutters. Stun the other Cutter. In the next round Sullivan shall blow up both remaining barrels with a grenade.
The nect part is "obvious", mostly keep out of range from the remaining enemy. the trick is, if you are patient (You'll need to sacrifice 1 tranquilizer dart), 3 Hound comes in too providing some bonus exp.

After that you gain access to 3 chests and a puzzle, also a healer unit. then when you approach the exit, will get ambushed on a plank. Let the new unit, Joan have the teaser, and Ovitz the shotgun (preferably). Trantigne won't be much use in this fight, but still can throw grenades (at least a molotov). Sullivan should use the rifle, but be extremly cautious to stay out of range. First you'll be able to hit the Fang just at range, then should fallback to the level of the plank, then take tostep on the plank to avoid getting hit.
The healer (Joan) will be pretty useless, trust me. Her weapon of choice is the pistol which sucks, and can't use the better hardware (uzi, napalm, flamethrower, dynamite), can't even push crates.
Either way, after the fight you gain another chest on the SE. Watch out, picking up the data disc result in a bossfight: for that leave a dartgun and the teaser at Joan, and fight with the rest. 3 hounds will come from west, your best tactic is still charging the boss itself ASAP, and deal with the rest as they come (You'll probably have to teaser one of the hounds).
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Great work. Game is really easy when you learn the tricks around most difficult fights.