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It did not post properly
Could you give me a link or exsplain how to add these mods to the GOG version?? all i can find is directions for the STEAM version wich i do not own....thank you!
Unzip them into the mod folder. Then choose the version you wish.

MPORTANT: Out of EACH Option 'TacynM2.' 1-5. you NEED to choose EXACTLY one. Otherwise this mod does not work.

A continuation of Tacyn's Base Mod v1.16.
A collection of mods including balance and quality of life changes and additional content. It merges the existing mods Glassworks, Extended Agriculture, GrandArboreum, Fortress, Extended Metals, Alchemy, Recycling, Ivory, Underground crops,Huntingcamp and Grave with new ones exclusive to this mod. It also includes parts of other mods such as EspMod, 'Winter is coming' and Fenrir's mod.

To use the mod select 'New Game'-> Advanced Setup -> Select Mods.
Then choose 'Tacyn's Base Mod v2' from the list next to 'Base Mod'.
The 'Available Mods' box lists optional mods that can be included.
Out of these you NEED to choose EXACTLY one of EACH 'TacynM2.' 1-5.
Double click them to move them to the right box. The default options are labeled with 'a'.
Afterwards select 'back' and 'Generate' to begin.

Additionally, you can select mods from the 'Available Mods' list.
This mod is compatible with Flowers, Decorative Floors,
Prepared Gnomes Module (not Gcook's version), The Bone Needle Mod and Strong Start.
To add them doubleclick on them in the list so they appear below 'Selected Mods'.
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Thanks for your work <3