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Buzz: Hei!
Local man: No servus mă. No bă ni mă la el ce palid îi mă, măi ești bine mă frățioare? Ni mă la el ce tras la față-i mă săracu... că zici că n-o mânca nimic de trei zile tulai sâlvie.
Da cum ai ajuns aici mă? Da de unde-i? De unde-i fi mă? Da de-a cui ești? Cu curata ai venit? Ni mă și umblă cu mâța aia după el. Pfaai! Ni la el mă... zici că-s de la țârcuși... mâță neagră mă! Umblă după el că zici că-i câne! Pfuu! Bată-te norocu să te bată.
Translation: Hi there. Look at him, he’s so pale! Are you well little brother? Look at how gaunt he is, poor thing... he looks like he hasn’t eaten for three days.
How did you get here? Where are you from? Where could you come from? Who’s relative are you? Did you come with “curata”? Look, the cat’s following him. I am amazed! Look at him… they look like they belong in a circus… black cat too! It is following him like a dog! I am amazed! You do not see that every day.

Buzz: Have you seen a foreign girl around here lately?
Local man: Ce mă? Fete străine aici? Du-te mă de aici mă... auzi la el! Fete-i trebă! Tulai Doamne da, păi... tu vii aici de unde-o înțărcat dracu copchii să cați fete! Da păi voi n-aveți femei acolo mă? Doamne iartă-mă și nu mă bate! Bă, n-am mai văzut nicio muiere mă, numa de-ale noastre de-aicea, de-a le locului.
Translation: What? Foreign women here? Get outta here... listen to him! Women he wants! Jesus... you’re coming here in the middle of nowhere to look for women! What, you do not have women where you’re from? God forgive me and don’t punish me! Look, I have not seen any foreing woman, only locals.

I've attached an image with the rest of the translation.
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bobutz91: I've attached an image with the rest of the translation.
Thanks for translating it all. That's a lot of work. I appreciate it. I knew it was an easter egg, but since I don't speak Romanian I had no idea what the guy was saying.
bobutz91: ...
Thanks! I was curious :)
By the way, I didn't know Romanian is one of the languages that do not sound familiar at all from Polish perspective. Most of European languages share some common words or at least some similar ones, especially if you speak English or any other languages a bit. In this case I was quite surprised - both by that NPC's talk and by what you've pasted. Sounds completely unreadable for me. Like Hungarian! :D

Oh, and these ones - ă â. Nice ;)
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ciemnogrodzianin: By the way, I didn't know Romanian is one of the languages that do not sound familiar at all from Polish perspective.
Romanian derivates from Latin, so it is related to Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. But it developed in the Easter Europe so it is often not counted with other Latin-based languages. It should be, really, but it's often left as the odd one out.
ciemnogrodzianin: Sounds completely unreadable for me. Like Hungarian! :D
Hungarian is Ugric and therefore remotely related to, for example, Fenno-Ugric languages like Finnish, Estonian, and smaller languages like Livonian, and Mari.

And at least Finnish is just silence with an odd grunt every now and then. So yeah, if you don't speak any Ugric language, you can't even guess what the words (grunts) mean.
frogthroat: ...
Thanks! That genre of Romanian language is exactly something that made me confused. I always considered Romanian as somehow "readable" as a part of romance languages family (in Polish even the names of the family ("romańskie") is close to the Romanian language – języki romańskie, język rumuński). That's the reason I was shocked I understand nothing :D

And perhaps it's a good place to mention also that:
a) Polish translation of the game is terrible – looks like someone never actually played the game, because it's sometimes even misleading (e.g. books puzzle, which can be nicely translated and keep the original idea, but for some reason a wrong adjective has been chosen making the hints unreadable),
b) there is a lot of untranslatable jokes in the game and I think it just need to be played in original to enjoy 100% of them; perhaps it's just a good thing that voices are in English and only subtitles are translated.