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yesterday I bought Giana Sisters - Twisted Dreams and installed it. When I started the game, the version was 1.1.2 (lower left corner).

Then I successfully installed the patch (patch_giana_sisters_twisted_dreams_2.1.1.14.exe). After that I started the game again and the version is still showing 1.1.2 instead of 1.1.14.

So what does the patch do?
(Now if that's not a late reply, I don't know what a late reply is...)

Hi Bridgekeeper !

I'm surprised nobody answered this since I know the answer despite not having GS - TD here on GOG. All games on GOG are given a GOG-specific version number. 2.1.1 (or if you include the minor version number, but it's useless since the next one will start with something else than 2.1.1) is the GOG version number. The one you see on the game screen is the game developers' version number. Usually all games coming on GOG start with version 2.0.0, and GOG increases their own version number as new versions are added to the GOG library.

While it surprised me at first, I finally find this very comfortable, especially since some developers can use an esoteric versioning system., but that's a personal taste.

So in your case, the GOG version number 2.1.1 corresponds likely to developers' version 1.1.2.