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Back when this game was soon to be released I managed to get my hands on a demo of it. I played it, falling in love and buying it as soon as I possibly could.
The game itself is a well made RTS, but not on the traditional basebuilding sense. this real time is a complete neighbourhood of challanges and puzzles giving players the power to actually do something unheard of previously and control the ghosts.
On first glance , it looks a lot like a strange sims game, however from the first level it comes alive with stratergy. You are the unlikely leader of a swarm of ghosts, controlling everything from tv destorying gremilins to headless horsemen. With a intricate upgrade system allowing you to tailor ghosts to their highest ablities crossed with a cartoony hilarious undertone this story allows you to be the creaper. Hoards of unique ablities raising fear, belief or instanity allows you to truely perfect your scare tatics.
The game itself has very few bugs and a charming set of puzzles to unlock new minons. This game is a unheard of classic and will hopefully find new life at GOG's
also, for extra fun, check out the few mods that are online, such as my personal favorite allowing any new ghosts to be taken to old levels, a must have for any true fan.