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I just got the game today and most rooms are not displayed properly. they all see to be very dark or almost pitch black so i cant see anything in them except for the humans and my ghosts.
Which Windows version are you trying to run the game on? XP, Vista, 7? 32bit or 64bit? What graphics card do you have? It might help updating the graphics card drivers to the latest version.
I am on Vista 32 bit with a Card name: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Chip type: Intel(R) GMA 950
256 MB of memory on the card. the card is up to date as far as i know. windows cant find a newer driver.
I have tried messing with the graphic settings in the game and even what compatibility to run it in and still nothing gets the rooms to show up. this is very disapointing because i cant play this game at all. the cellar in the no summoners included level is pitch black. i see the humans and the ghost, but everything is pitch black. i cant see whats there or what i can use as fetters. it saddens me that i will have to take the game off my system and never play it with a massive problem like this.
Intel has a tool on its website to detect and update the driver version for your hardware.

The GMA 950 is rather old and slow and Intel integrated graphics are notorious for their bad drivers and the problems they cause in many games, so I'm not sure the problem is fixable on this hardware. Maybe try and turn some graphic effects on or off, change the resolutin to the lowest possible setting and see if that helps. Also updating Direct X to the latest version via the web installer might help.
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I have already tried all of that.
sorry, i'm out of ideas right now. maybe gog support can help you. you can contact them via this support form and tell them about your problem.