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I purchased [Ghost Master] from steam last year, but it's not working at all at then.
As you know, Steam could be cool service, but sometimes (or often) that client is blocking 3rd. party games. To my sad, [Ghost Master] was that case for my computer. I sent e-mail again again & again, and finally got refund at then.
[Ghost Master] is NOT so old game, however hope it works with my computer at now, because doesn't any client which blocks 3rd. party game.
(If it's same again, it might be game's own problem.)
Why would Steam block a game they sell? Doesn't make sense.
badpuppy: Why would Steam block a game they sell? Doesn't make sense.

Ah. I didn't use right word, maybe. Sorry about that.
Sometimes steam client 'crashes' some game, especially for 3rd. party games.
And thanks to, version works. :)
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OK, got you. Bit of a language barrier. How is that game anyway? Looks like it could be a fun and different kind of game going by the photos I see of it.
I have this on Steam and it worked fine. Sorry to hear you were less fortunate.
The game is pretty fun. It sort of reminds my of The Sims, and Dungeon Keeper, but it's really not all that similar to either. You're basically this ghost master who controls all these ghosts, and you've got to use them to complete various objectives, usually scaring everyone away from a certain place. Things get more complicated as you go along though. You have to anchor them to certain areas or objects, and each ghost has certain traits that dictate what they can be anchored to. They also can get all sorts of different abilities by upgrading them. There's a demo for it out there somewhere. Try Fileplanet maybe.