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I bought this when it was first released oh so long ago (I still have the poster with all the ghosts on it that came with it) and it remains a gem.
The premise is simple - you are master over the spectral world and need to save ghosts trapped in it and defeat the ghostbreakers.
Within the majority of levels there is a ghost to be freed - two levels have hidden ghosts to free as well. You get plasm resource by creating belief amongst mortals of your presence - the more plasm you generate the more powerful the abilities at your ghosts disposal.
You select a certain number of ghosts from your team for each level and each ghost has certain specialties - electrical abilities, work with the elements and so on.... There are therefor a myriad of possible ways of dealing with each level.
Your ghosts when you first get them are untrained and know only a few abilities and are not very skilled with them. The more you use a ghost the better it gets at using it's abilities efficiently. By completing levels you get a certain amount of gold plasm which you can use to buy new abilities for your ghost collection. There is only a limited amount of gold plasm so without editing your save game to give more decisions have to be made about which ghosts you want to train up.
The game was set for at least an expansion - if not a sequel - as seen in the original ending. After any possible continuance was canned Sick Puppies released a final level to tidy up some lose ends.
It was a crying shame that so many missed this and the publishers decided that it didn't have enough market penetration to warrant another... If you liked Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius you will love this.