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Yeah i wanna destroy them... but i see no option to enter there ships and blow them up :P
A late answer, but the Ship Assault Module is needed for that.
It will be used for 3 purposes, hacking the shields of enemy ships (mostly while they are doing exactly the same thing to yours), find out what resources could be gathered from it, and teleporting you directly inside of it.

Sometimes you will be teleported directly in the middle of rooms full of enemies, so could be normal to consider losing 3 or 4 clones to clean the room for the next ones.
Maybe, just after being teleported, be ready to place all the turrets you can, those will do some cleaning work even if you die.

Once the teleport is on, it is possible to go back and forth to the enemy ship at will, so you always have the possibility to cure yourself and get turrets/shields/ammo from your ship.
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