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support ticket ID is #856036,order id #3cf3a0398fa6
First of all, why is there a post? Because I've been asking for a refund for a week, but every time I submit a refund request, I get an automatic reply that comes in one second, the delay in getting a real human response.

On the other hand, I see that many of my friends who apply for a refund later than me have already received a refund, but

I still haven‘t received a human response.

Do you have the same problem?

Is there a service here?

Hope to see the words can be as soon as possible to reply, because really feel for a long time, too long, too long!

My e-mail voucher # 856036, my order number # 3cf3a0398fa6,

thank you, customer service officer





希望看到的话可以尽快回复一下,因为真的感觉很久很久了,太久了,太久了!我的电邮凭证#856036 我的订单号#3cf3a0398fa6

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别想了,我一个月了都,之前说处理退款说最多还要等两周,然后过了两个星期,什么也没发生, 大家一起联合起来起诉
波兰骗子 吧

碰到 SimOnSays 就别想退款了,这个客服真的机器人

等拖延拖过了30天,他们就会 close 掉你的 ticket 了
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