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Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!现已发售DRM-free无数字保护版。该游戏可在北京时间4月17日晚9点以8折的优惠获得。


The Lilycle Yuri戏剧CD系列栩栩如生,包含全明星声优阵容,现在全集合于该全视觉冒险游戏。Lilycle不仅是所有百合游戏粉丝的必玩作,它故事中饱含的温暖惬意同样也能温暖我们每个人的心。



Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!! is now available DRM-free. Get it 20% off until April 17th, 1pm UTC.

The Lilycle Yuri Drama CD series comes to life, featuring an all-star cast, now in a fully-visual adventure game. While Lilycle is a must read for any dedicated yuri fan, it contains a selection of nice and easygoing stories to warm the hearts of one and all!
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