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Cyberwasted: Ubisoft Connect refuses to stay connected. It adds and verifies, then a second later disconnects.

Any methods of keeping it connected? I'm getting no error messages or other indicators as to a cause.

... which leads to:

... where you find the solution:

Open the Python file "%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Galaxy\plugins\installed\uplay_afb5a69c-b2ee-4d58-b916-f4cd75d4999a\" in a text editor.

Change line 15 und 16 to:
CLUB_APPID = "314d4fef-e568-454a-ae06-43e3bece12a6"
CLUB_GENOME_ID = "85c31714-0941-4876-a18d-2c7e9dce8d40"

Save, connect (no need to restart Galaxy), stay connected :)

Ubisoft changed the server ID, the plugin had the old values, therefore no connection. Simply change both id's to the values above.
Props for this solution... Very simple and easy to do...
Find the file, open it, remove 2 lines, cut and paste 2 lines and save. Took not even 30 seconds.
A patch is really need for this. I dont want to fix it on every install.
More than one year down now WITH A KNOWN FIX and this is not patched?!?!
with steam broken pernamently hopefully this will be fixed as well.

otherwise time to reinstall playnite.
Sylwester-Z: There are more updates for Ubi. Find it on Github - issue #42, second post.

Copy here:
Open the Python file "%LOCALAPPDATA%\\Galaxy\plugins\installed\uplay_afb5a69c-b2ee-4d58-b916-f4cd75d4999a\" in a text editor.

Change line 15 and 16 to:

CLUB_APPID = "f35adcb5-1911-440c-b1c9-48fdc1701c68"
CLUB_GENOME_ID = "5b36b900-65d8-47f3-93c8-86bdaa48ab50"

Save the file, exit and relaunch Galaxy. You may need to disconnect and reconnect Ubi in Galaxy
Worked, thanks!
Worked for me too, this is getting a bit frustrating though. Useful pull requests are going ignored, it doesn't feel like they're keeping the plugins updated. Which is the entire reason for using GOG Galaxy, at least for me and most people I know. Might have to switch back to Playnite.
FFS GoG help the community fix this.
Is there a solution yet?