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Solved, yep I can.

So, Keeping my 2tb SSHD (B:/, installing a 4TB HDD (D:/ and reinstalling Windows 10 (on a 240gb ssd (C:/) reinstalling and moving files to keep C:/ pretty much bare, I wound up with
New volume (D:)/GOG Games/ (with all my games here)
All good, but
I have New volume (D:)/ Games/ for most other games but it's with:
New volume (D:)/ Games/GOG Galaxy/ and kind of want it on C:/

I also have New volume (D:)/ Games/GOG Galaxy/GoG Gaalaxy/ so I have two sets of GOG Galaxy one inside the other.

I can Just Delete the GOG Galaxy folders , reinstall it on C:/ and point it to D:/GOG Games/ for my games installation folder and B:/Downloads as my Download folder right?

Just checking
Post edited July 18, 2020 by ExhaustBearing