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I have a suggestion to an issue that is bugging me.

Some games don't track game time, in my case, it was a Windows Store game. I only just noticed this earlier when playing A Plague Tale: Innocence through Game Pass on PC. It's tracking Achievements, but it doesn't track game time.

So, to get around games that have this issue, why not just make it so GOG tracks game time every time you launch the game through Galaxy 2.0? just like how it tracks game time for games you add manually. As soon as the executable is launched through Galaxy 2.0 with manually added games, it starts keeping track of game time on that game, why can't the same be done with games from other platforms that don't support tracking game time?
Please add this GoG team! My most requested feature as well. I like to go back and be able to admire the memories I've had in my games as well as compare and contrast where I got the most value for my $ to help me make less-biased and better informed purchase decisions in the future.

Blizzard's launcher is the main one that I need playtime tracking for as I play a lot of Hearthstone, Diablo 3 & SC2 and would like to see how my playtime there competes with my other main games.