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Hi all,

So I've had this issue with steam games for a while now. A lot of them work as expected (At least I think they do) and display both my achievements and time played as well as last played figures.

Some games however do not. They have no problem what so ever with displaying metrics about my friends, but not my own.

I've attempted to raise a support ticket with GOG but they told me that the integration is a 3rd party plugin that they themselves do not support.

I've tried to search the issue on google and found some really old Reddit threads that suggest to change some settings in the plugin - But on my client these are already fixed.

I've even created an account on GitHub and reported it as a new bug, but this has been almost a week ago and there's no updates there (I don't expect any turn around really, but thus I am asking here so that I might get an answer?)

Given everything I am a bit stumped. It should be working according to all sources but it doesn't =(

I am hoping that somebody here might be able to tell me that it must be something to do with some caching somewhere or pull a rabbit out of their hat and give me a potential solution as they've already seen this?

Either way, a long shot but thanks in advance either way