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yesterday morning, everything was fine, my Steam library on GOG 2.0 was full and showing all 300+ games.
Then both GOG 2.0 and Steam required an update. I can't remember if this happened right after the updates, but then GOG was only showing 65 Steam games. Every other platform was complete. I tried and Disconnected Steam, then connected again, but nothing changed. Any idea?

BTW: is it possible to show the title counter for bookmarks other than Owned and Installed, or at least on top of the current filtered page? I was going crazy counting the titles to check if anything was missing :D
Same here. Some Steam games just don't appear, some do. I checked all the tags, nothing is hidden and even re-installed GOG Galaxy 2 and reconnected Steam account, same issue..
Same issue here. Starting a few hours ago, out of 264 steam games, 53 are missing. This "update" needs to be hotfixed as soon as possible.
Hotfix seems to have arrived -- my Steam game count is back to normal!
Works here too, but: Still problems with some games. For example, I tagged "Slay the Spire" as my backlog (Usertag) and it doesn't show up there (in the filtered games list of this tag). It shows up however when I have no filter on.
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Ok, Steam games came back for me too. Oddly, it happened right after I opened "new items in inventory" on Steam, but it's probably a coincidence.
Bummer, looks like I've got this issue now too... At least half of my games are missing including a lot of installed titles. :/

Edit: Looks like it's come back. But it's reset every single game box art and title sort and tag that I'd created... Case in point of why I hate having to have so many bloody launchers in the first place. :/
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And the issue is back .. 77 out of 266 Steam games have vanished ...
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Tons of my Steam games disappeared, some of which are installed. I disconnected the Steam integration and tried to reconnect, but I can't. It says "Offline" and has an option to retry. This makes me login again, at which point it just says "Offline" again. At this point, clicking retry does nothing at all. All I can do is disconnect the integration and try to reconnect, at which point the same thing happens all over again.

Steam is working fine, so it's not an issue with Steam. It's an issue with GOG Galaxy. The entire point of Galaxy 2.0 is to be able to import all your games from all your platforms so you can search all of them with one search, and easily launch them all from the same client. This happened a while back, and disconnecting and reconnecting fixed it, but now it's just completely broken. This means that now I have to use both Galaxy and Steam to search and launch games. What is the problem here, and why does it keep happening? I know Galaxy is still in beta, but this is still completely unacceptable, especially because it worked so well for so long, and now it's randomly become completely broken and useless.
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I'm experiencing the same issue, is there a fix for this??
I connected the Steam library again but some games are missing like for example: Mafia II: Definitive Edition and Mafia III: Definitive Edition.
Update: My Steam game count went up to 262. Four games are still missing, among them XCOM 2. And I've lost my custom game covers for the third time.
Same issue for me. Tried reconnecting but still lots of steam games missing.
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A few of my Steam games are missing. This makes the integrations completely pointless. It looks like all the games are listed, so if I search all my libraries at once to see if I own something, and it happens to be one of those few missing games, it will look like I don't own it. This could lead to me buying the game on a site like Humble Bundle or Fanatical, trying to redeem the key, being informed by Steam that I already own it, and then not being able to get a refund from Humble Bundle or Fanatical due to the fact that I already revealed the key. This issue absolutely 100% needs to be fixed ASAP.
The games that are missing on my Gog Galaxy 2.0:

10 second ninja X
Total War: Shogun 2
The NinjaGo Movie Videogame
Mafia II: Definitive Edition
Mafia III: Definitive Edition
Shadow Bandit
Pac-Man Championshio Edition 2
Mafia II (Classic)