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I (accidentally) updated my old Galaxy 1.2 client to the latest Galaxy 2.0 client and now wanted to play "Through the Ages".

However, the game no longer runs in fullscreen (under Windows). Instead it is started in a small window which I can resize, but I cannot switch to fullscreen. (I always see the Windows taskbar and the window frame.)

The game realizes resizing and asks for reloading to better fit the game into the new resolution. However, that does not help anything. (Normal fullscreen mode seems unavailable.)
The game even has a game-internal setting for fullscreen and that is enabled. However, changing that does not have any effect (any more). The game will only run in a window.

Is this a known (or new) problem of GOG Galaxy 2.0(.15) or did my game receive some update which broke the fullscreen mode?

Thanks for any help.
Never mind.

It seems my GOG Galaxy 2.0 update appeared at the same time as an update to the specific game, which broke fullscreen mode in that game.

So, just ignore this thread.