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Everytime i installed Galaxy 2.0 and imported my installed gog game. After re-starting Galaxy 2.0, i would have a "Failed to load game database" error and the client would not start.
In order to fix it, i followed the recomended fix in gog support and deleted the content of the storage folder in ProgramData/ (exact step here :
However, after re-importing all my installed games the error would always pop up.

After a bit of tinkering, i found what caused the issue. In the older galaxy client, i used a workaround to import a non-galaxy game by creating a fake file. (more info here
This fake file was causing the issue. When trying to import it in galaxy 2.0 by scanning the non gog game folder, i would have the notification that 1 game was added, but the game would not show up anywhere. After that, closing and re-starting the client would cause the "failed to load game database" error.

No longer an issue for me, but i figured out this might be worth sharing and maybe help someone else.