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Are the gog games box art on galaxy 2.0 final? I think some looked too "zoomed" in, would be nice if it was basically just like how they originally were.Some of the art gets cut out,etc

Here is an example on what I mean:

galaxy 2.0 -

Original Bioshock cover -

Notice how on the original cover you can see more including the big daddies fist.
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As long as they are not 'bad' or blurry they're pretty much final. While they have the format of a disk box art, they dont have to be the same at all. Many are though, since thats what they get from the publishers as media to use.

In this case, it's probably what they got from 2K as the preffered media to use, nothing else. You can see while it looks zoomed in, the logo is on the bottom so its not a cut-out but a different version of the cover. The remasters are the same.

Games not sold on GOG though, well anything goes. They have to be extracting cover art somewhere, and sometimes its just the original box art including the logos and such. I do think they prefer to not use the coverart with the logos unless they really have to. But it's still the beta so who knows.
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Well it zoomes in every box art you add and has a small resolution,so that im switching back to LaunchBox