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I've lost many Steam game covers following the 2.0.48 update, and they can't be changed because the import screen is locked with the error "could not load the image."

Can someone at GOG please take a look and fix the covers for the games listed below?:

so far I've:
- disconnected steam plugin
- deleted the steam webcache and steam plugin folder
- removed and reinstalled Galaxy
- reconnected the steam plugin
- Installed each Galaxy update, then disconnected the plugin, deleted the steam folders, and reconnected the plugin.


The Antidote
APP ID: 1026080

Beyond This Side
APP ID: 1254480

The Bizarre Creations of Keith the Magnificent
APP ID: 392730

Bunker: The Underground Game
APP ID: 354180

Corpse Killer: 25th Anniversary Edition
APP ID: 1087700

APP ID: 1075430

Father's Island
APP ID: 460940

Fiendish Thieves
APP ID: 1491680

The Grimsworth Reports: Woodfall
APP ID: 737980

Kill Yourself
APP ID: 1251910

Locked Up
APP ID: 1258590

Midnight at the Red Light
APP ID: 665140

APP ID: 672650

Moral King
APP ID: 875830

My Name is Addiction
APP ID: 713860

One Night You're Crazy
APP ID: 697800

One Night Two Crazies
APP ID: 509290

Real Scary
APP ID: 1072860

APP ID: 445750

Strangers in a Strange Land
APP ID: 669770

APP ID: 416250

Under That Rain
APP ID: 601960

APP ID: 882960

The Wild Case
APP ID: 1178230


9 Clues: Serpent Creek
APP ID: 284870

The Adventures of Nick & Willikins
APP ID: 789540

The Apotheosis Project
APP ID: 364350

Azureal's Circle, Chapters 1-4
APP ID: 872970 (Chapter 1)
APP ID: 893620 (Chapter 2)
APP ID: 980520 (Chapter 3)
APP ID: 1060170 (Chapter 4)

Barclay: The Marrowdale Murders
APP ID: 605470

Bayou Island
APP ID: 597210

APP ID: 588230

APP ID: 325160

Bizarre Earthquake
APP ID: 448440

Blackbay Asylum
APP ID: 313140

Blind Date
APP ID: 1014420

Bohemian Killing
APP ID: 492220

APP ID: 629840

Calm Waters
APP ID: 541350

APP ID: 510570

Dance of Death
APP ID: 430020

The Darkest Woods
APP ID: 869300

The Darkest Woods 2
APP ID: 962510

Drawn Down
APP ID: 1067400

APP ID: 333690

The Grandfather
APP ID: 433750

Gray Skies, Dark Waters
APP ID: 543070

The Great Fusion
APP ID: 341690

APP ID: 260550

Heaven's Hope
APP ID: 404510

How to Cope with Boredom and Loneliness
APP ID: 797390

In the Pause Between the Ringing
APP ID: 1048570

Irony of Nightmare
APP ID: 740290

Jerry McPartlin: Rebel with a Cause
APP ID: 347410

Just Ignore Them
APP ID: 561770

The Last Dream: Developer's Edition
APP ID: 395860

Last Half of Darkness: Society of the Serpent Moon
APP ID: 384910

APP ID: 440690

Miss Fisher and the Deathly Maze
APP ID: 711430

Morph Girl
APP ID: 688260

MS. Director
APP ID: 1462430

Murder in Tehran's Alley 1933
APP ID: 630170

A Museum of Dubious Splendors
APP ID: 772680

My Name is You and it's the Only Unusual Thing in my Life
APP ID: 1118840

APP ID: 402890

APP ID: 246300

The Quivering
APP ID: 345290

APP ID: 340320

Sixtieth Kilometer
APP ID: 448780

SOL 705
APP ID: 1316770

The Spectre Files: Deathstalker
APP ID: 1356760

Stonewall Penitentiary
APP ID: 833990

Theatre of the Absurd
APP ID: 299110

Void and Meddler
APP ID: 377970

Wardwell House
APP ID: 1180030

The Works of Mercy
APP ID: 523640