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Hi, GOG Galaxy used to show all my games from, Epic, and Steam. Now it shows none of the above, except for the games I have installed. Basically the "Owned games" tab is showing identical content to the "Installed" tab.

I don't really care if my Epic or Steam games show up, but uh, I would like to be able to see and install the games I bought from GOG.

I saw someone had a similar problem in 2020 but got no responses. I've tried un-intalling and re-installing GOG Galaxy, and I've tried un-linking my Epic and Steam accounts.

I also tried running GOG Galaxy with privilege elevation (did nothing) or as Administrator (!) in order to populate the Owned Games tab. Administrator worked, and I finally saw my games in Owned Games. The next time I ran GOG Galaxy, the games disappeared from that tab (except for installed games). So I quit GOG Galaxy and ran it as Administrator again, and this time the Owned Games tab did not (re)populate.

What on Earth is going on?
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