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I have 2 problems resulting from 1 action.

I wanted to log into my EPIC account on another computer. Because I forgot my password I have made a new one through the "forgot password" function.

When I launch GOG Galaxy 2.0 now it opens up the login promt for the EPIC connector. When I enter the correct (!) password (verified in the EPIC launcher) it says the password is incorrect.

Also I cannot skip the EPIC login to run GOG Galaxy with the other integrations. It is mandatory to update the EPIC integration to get GOG Galaxy 2.0 running again. That should be fixed asap because otherwise the GOG Galaxy 2.0 launcher is not usable.

Thats also the reason I post it here and not in mantis because I dont know the direct link and cant use the menu entry in GOG Galaxy 2.0.
I was have this same issue.But this is not GOG Galaxy problem.You must waiting 20 minuts and try again.It helped me.
No, the Problem was, that it was the GOG Galaxy 2.0 login and not the login for EPIC. I just thought it was because the logos look the same if you dont look very close and also I knew I changed the password so it was the only logical prompt for me.

But I had to log in again (I dont know why) and connect EVERY single platform again. I dont know if this was caused by changing a password on ONE single platform or if it was just bad timing and I had to log in new anyway (outdated cookies or something).

I think the thread can be closed