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I get that it's still in beta but apparently this is a known issue and has been known for quite some time
and the solution has been posted repeatedly for what about a year now?!?

Ubisoft would not connect
dug around in the github and found the solution
but why if I literally just installed it am I having to search around to fix an issue with the app and one that has had multiple solutions posted to fix it

and if anyone is wondering
go to
then go into the one that says uplay_afb5a69c-b2ee-4d58-b916-f4cd75d4999a
(supposedly your numbers may be different so just look for the uplay_)
then using notepad open
around lines 15 and 16

change whatever the strings are
the current working ones are
CLUB_APPID = "f35adcb5-1911-440c-b1c9-48fdc1701c68"
CLUB_GENOME_ID = "5b36b900-65d8-47f3-93c8-86bdaa48ab50"

this fixed both the issue with it not wanting to connect and then with it saying i was offline

now to try and fix steam as it says it's offline and then to figure out how to fix "origin" as they are now back to ea and so that plugin doesn't work either
Shadav: now to try and fix steam
Have a look at